Tirana Music-Film Festival

Enjoying music, film and culture in a pleasant atmosphere in the squares of cities around the world are common events. These accolades, mainly in the summer, have become a tradition in all the capitals of the world. Millions of visitors take part in these activities. Such a cultural and culinary 'open air' festival Moving Culture propose to develop in Tirana to initiate a tradition to continue. The mission of the Cultural, Film, Music and Culinary Festival is to provide broad access to visual arts, interpretation, engaging new audiences through audio-visual media and create social cohesion. In the festival participants will be involved with all the senses for an unforgettable experience. Activities will be offered free of charge in a unique environment such as the Scanderbeg Square.

Tirana Music-Film Festival 13-20 September 2018 at Pazari i Ri
The artistic Program of the Tirana Music-Film Festival is inspired from the Vienna Film Festival and offers a very interesting mixture of musical productions from different genres. A good combination of Austrian and Albanian recordings for all tastes will be offered, ranging from classic to hip, from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to Parov Stelar, the pioneer of electro swing, from musical movies like ‘Pranvere ne Gjirokaster’, ‘Kenge e valle nga gurra popullore’ and old recordings of RTSH Festivals to contemporary/modern music documentaries. On the opening and closing days the film screenings will be accompanied by a live music program by Austrian and Albanians bands.
The daily program will be: 19:00 – 19:30 happy hour with music and food
19:30-21:30 Live bands, Albanian or Austrian movie
21:30-23:00 Austrian or Albanian movie

For more informations download the broshure of the festival


The Audience size: 50.000 people were attending the TMFF 2018.
The capacity of the location 400 seats and standing area 500m2

Tirana Music-Film Festival is oganised by Moving Culture in collaboration with Austrian Ambassy Tirana, EDS Foundation, Municipality of Tirana, TID, PazariiRi, AQSHF, QKK and supported by Raiffeisen Invest, Sigma Interalbanian, Vodafone, Llotaria Kombetare, Mapo, Delano restoratn, Catering Aroma.

A special thanks to: Alba Frangaj, Ardit Dakshi , Arenc Haxhillari , Claudia Kruzik , Dori Xhaxhiu , Edit Pula , Elisabeth-Maria Dirnberger , Eljana Mankollari , Edvin Kazimati , Eptan Lohja , Erand Meca , Erinda Hajrullai , Eriona Vyshka , Erjona Hanku , Fatjola Hoxha , Florian Canga , Genc Permeti , Gentian Lula , Heribert Haller , Ilir Butka , Iris Elezi , Lediona Bariu , Miranda Përgega , Rovena Hasa , Ruth Petschinger , Sonila Haxhiu , Urita Dokle , Orest Qafoku and Wolfgang Mitter