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Radio events: July 02-07

Reboot Workshop


artists Angie Reed, Eric D Clark, Kotai and Dj Legion

at the backyard of the National Gallery of Arts




Reboot Fm Reboot Fm Reboot Fm Reboot fm


Tirana June 29 – July 7 Workshop: June 29-30 Show: July 01 As a closing event of the project, Reboot.fm, a selected crew of radio makers, technologists, editors and electronic music DJs traveled to Tirana for the final phase of the cooperation between Radio Oxygen and Reboot.fm. As a continuation of reboot.fm, the component based digital radio toolset faced its first real launch in the previously analog Radio Oxygen. The toolset includes a scheduler, archive and play out, all built with open source code, and freely available to non-commercial radios. The general running of the radio has eased on some levels access to the archive which allowed for an easier rebroadcast of amazing radio programs produced for reboot.fm, including top international stars, local heroes, and a host of audio surprises. And through the continued use of the archive, it has grown to include programs from Radio Oxygen that can also be rebroadcasted by other radio partners, like resonance.fm London, tilos radio Budapest, and WFMU, New York. So in closing reboot.fm, the spirit of the radio has lived through radio Oxygen - a bit of Berlin in Tirana and a bit of Tirana in Berlin.

The event included an internal workshop detailing the use of the toolset, installation, and general use for radio organization. To really set the mood, a final party took place with the Berlin based artists Angie Reed, Eric D Clark, Kotai and Dj Legion which was broadcasted live on radio Oxygen! Other side points included an interview on radio Oxygen about the scene in Berlin, about the radio, the software, as well as a couple of radio shows with the guests from Berlin.