June 1st - Children’s day

June 1st is the international children’s day. Worldwide, during this day are organized different kinds of activities. This day is dedicated to the children, and meanwhile it is a sensibility day to the whole society for them, who are part of the society and will be active citizens of the future.
Childcare and prosperity notion is in continues alteration, development and improvement. Everyone, including parents and family, government, preschool educational departments and schools, whose mission is child prosperity, should have always knowledge on contemporary theories of childcare and prosperity and perform them.
Childcare has been comprehended in a unilateral way. It has been focused only on the health and educational side of the child and as a consequence did not train the children as independent members of the life process. The Children Rights Convent has been ratified in Albania on 1992, but yet is not known from a lot of parents, teachers and other members of the civilization, and less it has been performed too. So it is never excessive and always should be working on the susceptibility campaign of the policy-design institutions, professional people, child parents to emphasize the knowledge and the respect of their rights.
In this regard we are trying to support them celebrating each year their day, June 1st. Different activities will be organised, trying to create a cheerful atmosphere and meanwhile make the society more conscious about children issues and children them selves more conscious about their rights and role in the society.