Magic New Year

Magic New Year resonates with the spirit of the end-of-year festivities and is dedicated to children, but involve all ages. It is in Moving Culture tradition organising each year activities in this regard. The activities are usually extended during a whole day, creating a cheerful atmosphere and meanwhile make the society more conscious about children issues and children themselves more aware of their rights and place in society. The message that will permeate all these activities is the importance of child consciousness, feelings, thoughts and dreams for the society. From skills competitions to games and concerts everything has in focus the kids.
Project Goal:Increase Albanian public awareness on the wellbeing, education and rights of each and every child, indispensable for a successful future community.
Target:Establishing a bridge of communication between children and adults in the institutional and human level, under the dictum: Consider our thoughts and dreams!

Programme of Activities:
Simultaneous video projections. Selected videos for children
The toy space will be open to children
Show and concerts for children