Working With The Stars

"Working with the Stars" is a dialogue between prominent figures in the fields of art, culture, sport and affirmed professionals with children from Tirana. During these activities the youth discussed, worked and played together with distinguished personalities to create an unforgettable experience and memory. This event is organized in cooperation with other nonprofit organizations.
The Purpose of this activity is to strengthen the interest of young people, to create a direction for their future careers and be inspired by the success of prominent figures and professional achievements. The field covered so far are music, literature, science, sport and cinema.
WWS: FATOS QERIMI artist, composer and art professor. QERIMI prepared a musical performance with a kid’s orchestra and chorus. They played popular music and Albanians song for children inviting also kids from audience to participate.
WWS: ANASTASIA KORINTHIOU author of 7 best-seller books and European civil society activists. Korinthios prepared a short comedy for children, in which 12 children played 12 Greek. The show is organized in cooperation with EDS Foundation and University of Arts.