Moving Culture

Moving Culture

Moving Culture is an independent, non-governmental organization. It was established in November 1999 with the purpose to enhance and promote the creativity and alternative ideas in communication, all art disciplines, various forms of contemporary culture and media. It also aims to contribute in the creation and improvement of cultural and artistic policies in Albania. Moving Culture’s implementing strategy has been to organize a large number of artistic events like concerts, workshops, exhibitions, theaters and symposiums, often with an interdisciplinary scope, while giving concrete examples on fundraising processes, bringing together the institutional sphere with the private sector. In addition Moving Culture monitors and evaluates in quantity and quality cultural promotions in all media vehicles.

Fields of interests of Moving Culture besides Art and Culture:

Employment of youth:
Youth employment remains a severe issue for Albania. Although the country has experienced yearly economic growth, its youth unemployment rate has been constant. Youth has the highest unemployment and long-term unemployment rates in all population groups and national average. There is a gap of connectivity between labor supply force and labor demand force. Young women are especially prone to lower labor force participation and inactivity due to their assigned roles as primary care-providers within the household and the absence of policies in support of reconciling work and family responsibilities. The vast majority of youth are in unpaid family labor or have informal jobs. Moving Culture organizes and promotes events and informational career fairs in order to bring together employers and youth.

Gender Equality:
In recent years Albania has improved upon the status of women and gender equality issues, however women continue to be under-represented at all levels of society in a strongly male dominated culture. Moving Culture aims to improve the participation of women in decision-making, increase women empowerment and eradicate violence particularly in the family realm. It is imperative to promote gender equality as a necessary instrument for the achievement of social cohesion, and economic growth. To this regard, Moving Culture has organized, promoted, supported and monitored gender equality events to realize the full potential of women in the workplace, family, and community.

Environmental issues:
Moving Culture has successfully integrated environmental issues, with ecotourism, culture and nature based events. Moving Culture has increased public awareness and participation in protecting the environment, developing sustainable-tourism, while preserving high quality standards, creativity and independent thinking, as crucial ingredients for the establishment of an environment friendly civil society.

Upcoming Projects

Empowering Women in Rural Tourism

Date: May - September 2015
Venue: Albania

Equal access to labor market is one of the most effective ways to increase gender equality. Tourism industry in Albania in the past two decades has developed in bases of small family operators, generating income for the head of tha family. Therefore, the largest number of women working in the sector are engaged in unpaid labor. This project, while training and employign women has increased their chances to generate income and gain professonal skills and experience.



Date: March - June 2015
Venue: Albania

The national essay contest includes all high school seniors from public and private institutions all over Albania. They are invited to write an essay on one of the 13 topics selected. A jury will assign prices to the best essays including 5 scholarships and 5 PC. A selection of essays will be included in a publication distributed in all public high schools.



Venue: ECO Camping in Sqefales Dhermi

ECO Camping" is the first Camping Resort in the country managed with self-contribution of our members which strongly supports the protection of environment, renewable energy (solar) and using environment friendly fully recicled materials.




Venue: Tirana

Tirana, the capital of Albania, is composed of 700 000 inhabitants, that are yearly traverse by cultural activity. However, most of these cultural activities do not have the means or the information channels to reach a significant percentage of the population. In addition, Albania has one of the youngest population age in Europe, hence exceedingly affecting opportunities for Albanian youth to interact, learn, contact and develop new skills.



Music Upcoming


Date: June - July 2015

Venue: Tirana

After the success of Tirana Jazz Festival, a spectacular history of young jazz and alternative music bands started in 2000, Moving Culture is proud to present the 2014 edition. Always looked upon Jazz-music-nights as seeds of a real international jazz festival, a place of meeting, mixing and exchanging of young musicians.